eToro lebt noch!

Gestern ging gar nichts mehr beim online-Broker eToro (wir hatten gestern berichtet). Jetzt ist die Ursache klar: ein Hackerangriff, wie aus einer mail an die Kunden von eToro hervorgeht. Doch lesen Sie die Begründung für den Ausfall selbst:

Dear Community,

I am sure that by now, most of you are already aware of the fact that our platform was under attack by a malicious group of hackers. I realize that many of you may be frustrated, angry, or simply worried following the unusual service interruptions that happened on Thursday, July 3rd and I wanted to contact you personally to apologize and explain what happened.

Since 07:12 GMT, July 3rd, eToro has been the target of a criminal DDoS attack – a technique used by hackers to take an internet service offline by overloading its servers. (To read more about DDoS attacks: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial-of-service_attack).

I believe the choice to attack today was not a random one, as both you and eToro have been gearing up for today for the better part of the week. We had everything in place for you to experience a great day of trading, with the NFP announcement. I speak for everyone at eToro when I say that we deeply regret that this experience was denied you.

We have robust systems in place to deal with such instances; however the scale of this particular attack caused our platform to experience significant downtime. All your personal data, including billing information, financial information and personal details is secure. More than that, throughout today we offered several alternatives for those of you who wanted to close a position, in order to give you as much control as was possible with regard to your portfolio.

The status right now is that we were successful in restoring all of our services. Regrettably, as with attacks such as this, we might see more interruptions in the next few days. It is my personal goal to make sure you receive the best experience possible and I guarantee that all of us here at eToro are working around the clock to make sure this is exactly what you get.

Our technical and service teams are at your disposal and are working non-stop to help each and every one of you resolve any issue affecting your personal account.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Yoni Assia
CEO & Founder

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