JPMorgan-Quartalszahlen: Erwartungen deutlich übertroffen

JPMorgan überzeugt aktuell mit seinen Quartalszahlern auf ganzer Linie. Die Erwartungen wurden deutlich übertroffen.

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JPMorgan ist die größte Bank der USA, und ihre Daten sind sozusagen der Gradmesser für die US-Bankenbranche. Vor wenigen Minuten hat die Bank ihre Quartalszahlen veröffentlicht. Hier zeigen wir die wichtigsten Eckdaten. Der Umsatz liegt bei 42,4 Milliarden Dollar (Vorjahresquartal 31,62/für heute erwartet 38,96). Der Gewinn pro Aktie liegt bei 4,75 Dollar pro Aktie (Vorjahresquartal 2,76/für heute erwartet 3,99). Damit schlägt JPMorgan die Markterwartungen spürbar! Die Aktie von JPMorgan notiert aktuell in der Vorbörse mit +3,4 %. Kundeneinlagen sinken um 6 %. Der Netto-Zinsertrag belief sich auf 21,9 Milliarden Dollar, ein Anstieg von 44 %, oder +38 % wenn man First Republic raus rechnet.


Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO, commented on the financial results: “We reported another quarter of strong results, generating net income of $13.3 billion and an ROTCE of 23% after excluding a net after-tax gain of $1.8 billion relating to the First Republic transaction, as well as discretionary after-tax investment securities losses of $0.7 billion. Even after the First Republic transaction, we maintained an extraordinarily strong CET1 capital ratio of 13.8% and had $1.4 trillion in cash and marketable securities. While we expect material capital changes with the finalization of Basel III and probable changes to come for bank liquidity, we will manage to any new requirements as we have demonstrated in the past; however, we caution that material regulatory changes would likely have real world consequences for markets and end users.”

Dimon continued: “Almost all of our lines of business saw continued growth in the quarter. In Consumer & Community Banking, new checking account production was very strong, while card loans were up 18%. In the Corporate & Investment Bank, Investment Banking fees remained challenged, although we gained market share YTD. In Commercial Banking, Payments revenue remained very strong and grew 79%. Finally, Asset & Wealth Management had record long-term inflows of $61 billion, with inflows across channels, regions, and asset classes.”

Dimon added: “The U.S. economy continues to be resilient. Consumer balance sheets remain healthy, and consumers are spending, albeit a little more slowly. Labor markets have softened somewhat, but job growth remains strong. That being said, there are still salient risks in the immediate view—many of which I have written about over the past year. Consumers are slowly using up their cash buffers, core inflation has been stubbornly high (increasing the risk that interest rates go higher, and stay higher for longer), quantitative tightening of this scale has never occurred, fiscal deficits are large, and the war in Ukraine continues, which in addition to the huge humanitarian crisis for Ukrainians, has large potential effects on geopolitics and the global economy. While we cannot predict with any certainty how these factors will play out, we are currently managing the Firm to reliably meet the needs of our customers and clients in all environments.”

Dimon concluded: “I want to welcome our new First Republic colleagues and thank all of our employees. They did an extraordinary job serving our new First Republic clients, and they worked around the clock to onboard an unprecedented number of new clients across all lines of business as a result of the recent banking turmoil. The efforts by our employees also enabled us to extend credit and raise $1.2 trillion in capital in the first half of 2023 for businesses, governments, and U.S. consumers.”

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