Citigroup-Quartalszahlen: Über Erwartung, Kreditvorsorge sinkt deutlich

Die Citigroup hat soeben ihre Quartalszahlen veröffentlicht.

Hier liegt der Erlös (Umsatz) bei 17,3 Milliarden Dollar (Vorjahresquartal 18,60/erwartet 17,1).

Der Gewinn pro Aktie liegt bei 1,40 Dollar pro Aktie (Vorjahresquartal 2,07/erwartet 1,01).

Die Vorsorge für Kreditausfälle lag im letzten Quartal bei 314 Millionen Dollar nach 5,6 Milliarden Dollar im 2. Quartal. Die Kreditausfälle beliefen sich auf 1,9 Milliarden Dollar nach 2,2 Milliarden Dollar im 2. Quartal.

Die Aktie der Citigroup notiert vorbörslich mit +1,7 Prozent.

Citigroup CEO-Kommentar im Wortlaut:

Michael Corbat, Citi CEO, said, “We continue to navigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic extremely well. Credit costs have stabilized; deposits continued to increase; and revenues are up 3% year-to-date. Our Institutional Clients Group again had very strong performance, especially in Markets, Investment Banking and the Private Bank. The backbone of our global network, Treasury and Trade Solutions experienced strong client engagement in the face of low interest rates. Although Global Consumer Banking revenues remained lower as a result of the pandemic, we did see higher activity in our mortgage and wealth management products.

“Our capital position strengthened during the quarter with our Common Equity Tier 1 ratio increasing to 11.8% and our Tangible Book Value per share increasing to $71.95. We remain committed to returning capital to our shareholders, subject to the industry-wide approach determined by the Federal Reserve.

“We are committed to thoroughly addressing the issues contained in the Consent Orders we entered into last week with the Federal Reserve and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. These investments will not only further enhance our safety and soundness, they will result in a digital infrastructure that will improve our ability to serve our clients and customers and make us more competitive,” Mr. Corbat concluded.

Citigroup-Quartalszahlen im Detail

Citigroup Zentrale in London
Citigroup in London. Foto: mattbuck (category) CC BY-SA 3.0

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